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Since the beginning of this year, under the "blue sky security war", the environmental protection policy has been intensified, the environmental protection supervision has been continuously upgraded, environmental protection storm swept across the great river, the Great Wall inside and outside. The ministry of environmental protection, the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology and other ministries and commissions have issued relevant documents to increase environmental supervision. This time, the environmental protection inspector is fierce, the wind is everywhere and there is no corner. Agricultural products processing industry is concerned by the environmental protection trend due to the traditional heating and drying methods of heating and drying.

Sichuan clean energy air can dryer to lead the environmental smart tide.

With the "environmental storm" coming, the environmental protection limit is strengthened. The deepening of environmental governance is expected to stimulate the technological innovation of enterprises and the transformation and upgrading of the industry. Along with the environmental policy, environmental protection standard of enterprise can keep its legal production, and 'scattered pollution enterprises will be shut down, has even been two broken sanqing, namely, water, electricity, raw materials, clean equipment, clean site. As a result, the environmental trend inspired to environmental protection and energy saving pollution-free agricultural products processing enterprises of drying equipment procurement and the strong demand in the technical transformation, it is to clean clean energy as heat source can produce drying equipment development provides a broad space for development.

Sichuan jie can is a focus on product drying equipment development and agricultural products processing scheme design of science and technology enterprises, the sichuan jie can adhere to the "heavy market, strong research and development, production," the policy of "open new era drying operation zero pollution" in mind the mission, relying on strong technical strength can successfully launched by solar energy, air, natural gas, biofuels, gas, electricity, microwave as the heat source, such as active pulse air supply technology for the characteristics of series automatic drying equipment of agricultural products.

Sichuan clean energy technology strength, experiment, processing equipment perfect. The company has the most complete agricultural products drying laboratory in the country, record 331 agricultural products best drying process, established the most complete agricultural product drying process database in China, and obtained 25 patents. Sichuan jie can develop the three innovative technologies of active pulsating supply, internal circulation technology and horizontal multi-section pulse drying technology.

Clean energy company has developed environmental protection gas hot stove, microwave, air energy, solar energy, steam heat exchange system, energy-saving electric heating device and other heat source equipment. Sichuan can clean with air energy, solar energy as the heat source of drying equipment won the "best source", "old dopted mother", "fu sen pharmaceutical industry", "xinjiang fruit", and many other well-known enterprise customers wide acclaim. Sichuan jie can produce thousands of with air energy, natural gas as the heat source of agricultural drying equipment has been in hot pepper, Chinese prickly ash, red jujube, Chinese wolfberry, Chinese herbal medicine, dehydrated vegetables, food and other fields has been widely put into market, and become the bellwether of drying equipment market for agricultural products.

The environmental trend is fierce, green development is right at that time. Sichuan jie can our duty is to protect the environment, which is based on the abundant technical strength, to further increase the intensity of technological innovation, will develop more, technology leading energy-efficient zero pollution of agricultural dryer, leading environmental protection intelligent, open a new era of agricultural drying zero pollution.

Can bear responsibility, beginner's mind and never forget the sichuan jie can air dryers with environmental trend of dongfeng take up, let more and more energy conservation and environmental protection zero pollution dryers which serves for the agricultural products processing industry of agricultural products at the same time, protect our Shared castle peak green water and blue sky white clouds.

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