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The prickly ash is an edible, medicinal and ecological value of a woody plant. In recent years, Chinese prickly ash in food, spices, chemical, medical, and constantly develop the function of ecological governance, played an important role for regional economic development, belongs to the typical ecological forestry and forestry of the people's livelihood. As people of Chinese prickly ash, medicinal value and economic value around the deepening understanding of the ecological value and speed up the development of characteristic agriculture policy, all levels of government, enterprises to participate in, forest development voluntarily, Chinese prickly ash industry got rapid development.

Chinese prickly ash is worth more than its price.

This year, sichuan, yunnan, gansu, guizhou and other traditional sichuan pepper production of the production decline, resulting in the annual price of sichuan pepper. Under the influence of various factors, this year's sichuan peppercorns are "everywhere", and pepper farmers everywhere look at the rising prices, the benefits are improving, and the pepper growers are overjoyed.

With the increase of the price of pepper, the planting benefit is increasing, and the planting scale and yield of the pepper are bound to expand and increase, which further aggravates the market competition of sichuan pepper. In order to occupy the advantage in the fierce market competition, Chinese prickly ash farmers around, Chinese prickly ash planting cooperatives and prickly ash processing companies to acquire Chinese prickly ash dryer, therefore, in the Chinese prickly ash industry took the popularization and promotion prickly ash dryer boom. After the pepper is picked, it is drying and drying. Traditional natural dried prickly ash from the sun, time-consuming, laborious meet continuous rainy days, due to the drying picked Chinese prickly ash not promptly, Chinese prickly ash in the mould, to Chinese prickly ash drying caused great difficulties. In order to overcome the difficulty of drying the pepper, many pepper farmers in shaanxi, gansu, chongqing, sichuan and other regions are widely used in the use of jai pepper dryer and supporting equipment.

Sichuan jie can be drying equipment co., LTD production of clean development to a new era series automation prickly ash processing production line by the automatic feeding machine, automatic charging machine, automatic and automatic discharging unit into the drier, realizing the green pepper processing process flow operation, no artificial participation, landing is the head of the Chinese prickly ash automatic drying processing equipment practical models. Its pertinence, application effect is good, high efficiency, high performance/price ratio, and investment, product quality, the inherent quality of preservation is good, operation process, no pollution, energy conservation, environmental protection, is now the most advanced production line of Chinese prickly ash processing.

With the development of science and technology, the potential value of sichuan peppercorns has been developed, and the use of sichuan peppercorns has been further broadened. Sichuan jie can think, due to the extending of prickly ash purposes, prices continue to rise, Chinese prickly ash acreage next year will increase significantly, Chinese prickly ash drying storage issues will increasingly prominent as a result, it is for Chinese prickly ash dryer provides the opportunities of the rapid development of the industry.

Sichuan jie can grasps "the employees in the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness at the same time, make great contribution to promoting the value of agricultural products and environmental protection" concept, adhere to the "heavy market, strong research and development, production," the guidelines, rewrite, using smart with their ordinary is extraordinary.

Use the power to talk about the future, and write the legend in high. Sichuan jie can use long-term planning, innovative products, reliable quality, honest service to build clean energy brand, and use technology and wisdom to open a new era of zero pollution of agricultural products.

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