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Stevia is a new natural sweetener from the chrysanthemum herb, which has been used as herb and sugar for hundreds of years in South America. So stevia is widely used in food, beverage and seasonings in Asia, North America, South America and the European Union. Although the use of stevia South America has a long history, China is now the main production base of stevia, and 90% of the world's stevia production is concentrated in China.

Jie can stevia dryer to help xinjiang 21 group industrial transformation and upgrading.

Stevia is a natural sweetener and no calories. With the improvement of consumers' health awareness, low-calorie and low-sugar products are becoming more and more popular, which provides opportunities for the development of stevia industry. With the implementation of the national healthy China strategy, stevia will play an important role in the big health industry, and stevia industry will have a beautiful spring.

In recent years, the research and application of stevia has made great progress. Scientists have completed the sequencing of the plant's genome for the first time, revealing a major breakthrough in stevia research, according to media reports. Coca-Cola plans to experiment with a diet coke with stevia formula next year.

Stevia consumption growing, the benefits of rising, pull the stevia planting area and yield a sharp increase in our country, in promoting the rapid development of stevia dryers market at the same time, higher energy saving and environmental protection are put forward for stevia dryer, clean and hygienic requirements.

Stevia leaves are very strict in harvesting conditions. When the stevia was harvested, it was affected by the weather, temperature and other factors, resulting in the lower quality of the leaves of stevia. Traditional natural drying can not meet the development of the modern industry of stevia. The second division of xinjiang production and construction corps 21 group introduced sichuan jie energy drying equipment co., LTD. Stevia pulsation drying production line, which greatly improved the quality and economic benefits of stevia.

Stevia can clean new era pulse drying equipment consists of two levels of multi-layer mesh belt type hot air dryers, in and out of the feeder automation, and steam heat exchanger system, brush pulverized automatic cleaning collection system, such as dust baghouse collecting system composition, is according to the characteristics of xinjiang stevia, drying requirements and our traditional leafy material drying equipment, combined with the experience of professional design of drying production line system, its strong pertinence, high efficiency, large capacity, avoid the dust combustion explosion hazard, is the ideal equipment of stevia dry processing.

In recent years, 21 group develop the stevia industry, has realized the planting, drying, processing one-stop production, promote the development of the local agricultural industry, and drive the yanqi agricultural areas and the surrounding counties and townships agricultural structure optimization and upgrading. To improve the ability of stevia dry, 2017, 21 group in 2016, on the basis of the first phase, can add five sichuan jie drying equipment, make the daily processing capacity of 600 tons, greatly meet the needs of the processing of the troupe stevia.

The tide is clean, the wind is hanging. Sichuan jie can cooperate with the 21 regiments of xinjiang construction corps, which has promoted the rapid development of stevia industry in xinjiang. When there is no storm, the sun shines bright. With the rapid development of industry of stevia, stevia drying equipment market space is expanding, sichuan jie can dryers with its leading technology, high efficiency and energy saving advantages dominated in the stevia drying industry.

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