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What is the working principle of Chinese wolfberry drier?

The shelf life of goji berries is very short, usually only about 2~3 days, so the first problem encountered in deep processing is the problem of dehydration. At present, the ningxia wolfberry cultivation area of more than 50, ten thousand mu, and backward areas in ningxia wolfberry dehydration processing and storage technology, more than 90% of the Chinese wolfberry USES the natural drying method to dry processing, due to reasons such as the weather losses every year about 300 yuan/mu, such as loss of more than one thousand yuan per mu of the sky overcast and rainy, so urgently need a kind of modern Chinese wolfberry drying equipment.

Drying machine is working, will stay dry material in baking tray and bake dish in drying, drying from the entrance of drying chamber in turn into the car, at the same time, the hot air from air supplying system into dry end, from the drying chamber and the drying car run backward, contact with the material adequately. The drying chamber automatically controls the temperature and the humidity is automatically discharged by the exhaust blower.

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