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How to improve the drying rate of biomass fuel dryer?

1. gradually improve the speed of drying medium temperature and air flow, because with the reduced under the condition of moisture, the temperature of the material increased constantly, in the drying process of drying medium temperature and flow rate, can speed up the drying process.

2. by adopting the combination of blower and exhauster can be dry, the first blast drying, the lower the material after the evaporation of moisture, convulsions and dry to prevent evaporation of moisture condensation, the overall thermal stability improved can rapid drying.

3. Thin layer drying is adopted. Reduce the condensation of water vapor in the lower part of the material, so that the lowest material can get a good drying effect when the water vapor condenses.

4. Improve the diffusion effect of the material as much as possible, increase the contact area with hot air, make the hot air flow evenly distributed, and make the drying effect greatly improved.

Biomass fuel dryer save energy is the key, the dryer investment is no longer the subject of much attention, energy consumption is a big problem, so how to save energy is the users concerned topic, although a dryer equipment costs are not a small number, but energy consumption is also part of the cost in the daily production, if saving energy is the most concerned topics, users, after all, the increasing competition in the industry demand for equipment in the us too much, so a good dryer equipment can bring not just wealth, but also can save a lot of cost.

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