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Product introduction

Automatic jujube drying production line consists of classifier, cleaning machine and dryer. Can clean new era series automatic jujube dryer belongs to multiple paragraphs rotary belt type hot air drying equipment automation, it fully absorbed the advantages of the traditional hot air drying process, adopts the world advanced multilayer pipe type pulse air supply technology, the traditional hot air drying technology and automation technology of organic integration, the red jujube drying curing in the equipment, the best drying process curve overcomes the red jujube dependence on people in the process of drying, to maximize the preservation the inherent quality of red jujube, jujube drying quality and efficient, quality standardization and health control, good dry jujube fruit shape, taste sweet, color bright, red jujube drying is suitable for different varieties, different moisture content of the most advanced equipment.

Product features

1. Advanced internal cycle technology.

Has inner loop and outer loop, compatible with the characteristics of the three loop modes coexist, both inside and outside air temperature, humidity, air velocity accurately controlled completely conform to the requirements of the recent drying process, greatly improve the dry jujube varieties and commercial.

2. Unique multi-temperature area design.

According to the best drying process curve of red date, multiple temperature zones are set in the horizontal and vertical direction of the equipment. Red jujube in the drying room from top to bottom do paragraph rotary movement in the process of "s" type, in turn after preheating, uniform drying, slow drying three evaporation stage, red jujube evaporation balance inside and outside, inside sugar into fully, taste good, bright color.

3. Advanced pipeline design.

Easy to operate, save labor and labor.

4. Dual power drive.

The equipment has stable operation and service life of over 20 years.

Product display

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