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Product introduction

Chili dryer production line is according to the hot pepper varieties and the best processing technology need drying curve, the transverse and longitudinal direction of the equipment set up multiple zones, hot pepper in the drying room in the paragraph from top to bottom rotary movement in the process of natural turn, through the different zones, in turn realize preheating dry - uniform drying - slow drying three drying process, its surface heated evenly, finally realizes the chili optimum high drying rate, shorten the drying period, small deformation, surface colour and lustre is consistent, to achieve the high quality dry operation results.

Can meet the requirements of industrial production and consumption of hot pepper processing, to maximize the preservation chili inherent quality, no pollution in the process of production, equipment and processing technology to achieve national drug and food hygiene standards.

Product features

Advanced heat source system.

Environmental protection and energy saving, dry process pollution-free.

Original initiative pulsating air supply technology.

Greatly shorten the drying period, reduce the cost of hot pepper processing under the premise of saving hot pepper were full of fruit, bright-coloured colour and lustre, inherent spicy element, at the same time maximize capacity of single equipment.

Advanced dual drive technology.

The equipment drive is stable, the degree of automation is high, the labor intensity of the operator is reduced, and the broken chain and tooth failure are eliminated.

Strong compatibility

A variety of similar materials can be processed.

Product display




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