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Product introduction

Clean fresh wolfberry production lines to a new era by cleaning wax machine, automatic plate machine and transverse pulse and other components of the dual-mode medlar chamber, have the whole into the whole out of and flow operation function, is the highest degree of automation, product quality is best, largest capacity, process no pollution, energy conservation and environmental protection of the most advanced high quality Chinese wolfberry processing production line.

Product features

Advanced heat source system.

Dry medium pollution-free, completely eliminate food safety hazards, clean energy environmental protection.

Original dual mode pulse supply technology.

The drying uniformity is about 99%, shortening the drying cycle by about 17 hours.

Advanced structural design.

The air supply system and dehumidification system are placed on the top of the dryer, providing 40% utilization of the site, ensuring that the workshop is clean and beautiful, convenient for operation and maintenance, and fully meets the requirements of SC.

Advanced active temperature control technology.

The temperature can be set independently according to the drying process of the material, and the air supply temperature of each stage can be set through time. Make sure the lycium is dry and uniform, the color is red and uniform, the skin fold is moderate, the taste is good.

Gauge tray

According to the characteristics of Chinese wolfberry, special design materials and material plates are designed to prevent adhesion, anti-card and damage, so as to ensure the shape of Chinese wolfberry.

Strong compatibility

Different drying process parameters can be set according to the drying process of different materials.

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