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Product introduction

Jie can series medicine dryer is clean hot air drying medium, to dehydration processing of medicinal herbs, and maintain its medicinal herbs, according to different varieties of Chinese medicinal materials, medicinal, choose suitable drying method and drying process.

Jie can series of Chinese herbal medicine drying machine is according to the national Chinese medicine GMP requirements, design, production of drying equipment, in full on the basis of absorbing traditional chamber, and the organic combination of automation technology, to overcome the traditional drying equipment hot air distribution, drying personnel rely on big, need artificial exchange skip position, they frequently insufficient, improve heat efficiency, temperature and humidity control accuracy and baking quality, is suitable for low temperature drying for a long time, all kinds of Chinese medicinal materials, such as processing of advanced equipment, perfect to realize the automatic unattended operation process. Can be processed before the volt, pinellia, poria cocos, angelica sinensis, rhizoma coptidis, chuan Ming and lily, phlegm, bergamot, gastrodia elata, yam, such as medicine, can effectively save the medicinal properties of herbs, quality, colour and lustre, conform to the requirements of the processing of medicinal materials.

Product features

1. Integrate traditional drying process with automation technology, fully absorb the advantages of traditional hot air drying process and achieve high quality drying operation.

2. Clean energy, high degree of automation, no need of manpower, and no pollution of drying medium, eliminate safety hazards and save energy and environment.

3. The pulsed flow type air supply technology is adopted to greatly improve the drying uniformity and shorten the drying cycle.

4. Adopt medium and low temperature drying mode, which is good in color, small deformation, small loss of nutrients, no pollution, good quality and good water quality, which meets the hygienic requirements of food and medicine.

5. Automatic control, different drying process curves can be set according to the drying requirements of different materials to achieve the best drying effect.

6. Good equipment compatibility.

Product display

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