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Product introduction

The dehydrated vegetable dryer is a special equipment developed on the basis of traditional net belt type hot air dryer, which has strong pertinently, practicability and high efficiency.It is widely used in seasonal vegetables and fruits, such as konjac, radish, anise, onion, garlic slice, pumpkin, yam, bamboo shoots, etc.We according to the drying characteristics of materials and the drying quality requirements, combined with many years experience in agricultural drying equipment, for the user tailored professional equipment, with high quality, the most suitable for customer requirements of dehydrated vegetables drying equipment. All the contact materials of the equipment shall be food-grade safety, safe and hygienic, and meet the national food safety and health requirements.

Product features

1. Good equipment compatibility.

2. According to customers' requirements, various functions and model mesh belts can be selected to facilitate cleaning and avoid sticky materials.

3. Set multiple temperature zones on the horizontal and vertical wind direction to meet different requirements of different materials at different stages for temperature and humidity, and achieve the best drying process to meet the high quality and high efficiency drying process.

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