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Can clean new era series environmental protection and energy saving automatic cycle (hereinafter referred to as the dryer) is sichuan clean hot air dryer to drying equipment co., LTD in the cocoon dryer) in 40 years development experience of the latest research and development of the use of air forced convection drying cocoon drying equipment.By properly adjusting the temperature and speed of the hot air, it can also be used in the drying process of other lighter materials, which is the most advanced and environmentally friendly equipment for the drying of silkworm cocoons.

Operating principle

Stove the fan into the air after the temperature of the heated to need, according to the request of cocoon drying process by hot air distribution system respectively from the drying chamber into the upper and middle, fresh cocoon via automatic spread device input material to screen on top of drying chamber and the transmission mechanism under the drive of silkworm cocoon with screen mobile and turn left to the next layer of screen mesh, so, in turn, by the high, medium and low three zones baked into dry, finally closed cooling pack by discharging machine output.At the same time, the dehumidification system recycles the hot and humid air produced during the drying process to the hot air furnace for reheating, and most of it is discharged or sent to the recycling device. The whole process is monitored and controlled by automatic control system.

Hot blast stove is this machine is an important equipment for protection of hot blast stove is not caused by improper operation or other reasons the furnace temperature is too high and damage, the machine set up supply and combustion-supporting air interlock protection.

In order to adapt to different drying process requirements (such as straight dry, head drying, second drying, moisture content, etc.); The temperature of the machine, net speed, air supply and humidity can be adjusted freely in order to achieve the best process combination. The local control system also sets the temperature of drying room at room temperature or low ambient sound and light alarm, reminding the operator to keep the drying temperature stable.


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