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JIE NENG DRYER is a clean energy drying equipment development and agricultural special products processing scheme design of science and technology enterprises, located in Chengdu high-tech zone.

Company grasps "the employees in the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness at the same time, make great contribution to promoting the value of agricultural products and environmental protection" concept, adhere to the "heavy market, strong research and development, production," the guidelines, with over 30 years of agricultural special products processing experience and scientific research institutes and experts, to solar energy, air, gas, steam, biofuels, gas, electricity, microwave as the heat source, such as series of agricultural special products can develop clean new era drying equipment.

JIE NENG new era, Chinese wolfberry drying production line, red jujube dryers, dryers, rose pepper dryers, the dryer completely solve the traditional Chinese medicinal materials were poorly made and difficulty of temperature control, poor insulation, high energy consumption, noise, low capacity, such as the smoke serious shortcomings. Year-on-year energy consumption reduced by more than 20 per cent and capacity by more than 23 per cent. The appearance of the equipment is smooth, elegant, functional and ornamental can satisfy the QS/GMP requirements.

The company not only sells equipment, but also provides processing technology. Customers can enjoy the processing technology, training and technical upgrade service provided by our company free of charge.

Has already set the red jujube, mulberries, grape, pepper, rose, Chinese prickly ash, chrysanthemum, chili, Chinese herbal medicine, dehydrated vegetables, such as small and medium-sized grain dryer drying equipment has been widely put into market; The heat source equipment has environmental protection type coal (gas) hot air stove, microwave, air energy, solar energy machine, steam heat exchange system, energy-saving electric heating device, etc.

The market localization

Agricultural products drying equipment customization of the pioneer, product professional and environmental protection performance in the forefront of the industry.

The market share

The sales volume of Chinese wolfberry, chili, red date, cocoon and so on has been the first for many years, and the repeat purchase rate of partners has remained above 97%.

Dry areas

Chinese wolfberry, chilli, red dates, silkworm cocoons, various Chinese medicinal materials processing, various vegetable dehydration.

Cooperation with the customer

Sinopec, national sericulture system facilities and machinery research room, qinghai haixi agricultural science and technology institute, Lao gan ma, ningxia bairuyuan, xinjiang guannong group, qizheng Tibetan medicine group, xinjiang fruit group and so on.

Competitive advantage

More than 40 years of experience in agricultural product drying process, cooperation with experts from domestic research institutes and colleges and universities.

Company results

The first agricultural product drying process database was built, the best drying process of 331 agricultural products was put on record, and the natural quality of agricultural products was preserved to the maximum extent.

Resource advantage

The registered capital is 10 million yuan, the work area is 13000 square meters, the staff 132 people, among them the engineer 17, the graduate degree above 3 people, the bachelor degree above 42 people, the annual sales output value 50 million yuan.

Facilities configuration

New product development and test base, production and delivery base, most of the equipment for Germany, Japan imported complete production line.

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