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Speaking of yi pin hong chilli sauce, no one knows, no one is not known, it is a well-known, well-known and well-known. yi pin hong is the largest producer of chili products in China. Old dopted mother chilli planting base continues to increase the intensity of technical transformation, sichuan JIE NENG DRYER through the use of chili peppers for technical transformation of the original production line of the drier, enterprise production and operation ability is increased sharply. Product "chilli oil" has passed the certification of "green food", "chili oil system" series of food won the award for the "China famous brand", and the old dopted mother as the main drafting unit of standard released the first domestic "oil pepper" the national standard.

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With yi pin hong chilian base, qiangqiang has become a cooperation in the field of hot pepper dryer industry and food processing industry. The two sides will deepen cooperation model, through the depth of cooperation to further improve the quality of old dopted mother raw material and texture, promote the upgrading of the enterprise, leading the trend of the development of food processing industry. In 2016, sichuan clean energy started the development strategy of adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and realized product upgrading, brand breakthrough and sales reverse market growth, and gradually set a new benchmark in the industry of chilli drying machine. On the enterprise the management idea gradually shift from the traditional sales model for online marketing new pattern double track, continuously strengthen the user engaged, fast learn the user's real needs, realizing the user precision analysis.

For a long time, grasps "the employees in the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness at the same time, make great contribution to promoting the value of agricultural products and environmental protection" concept, adhere to the "heavy market, strong research and development, production," the guidelines, with over 30 years of agricultural special products processing experience and scientific research institutes and experts, to develop clean series of agricultural special products drying equipment to new era.

Chilli dryers--Lao gan ma pepper base

The successful cooperation with Lao gan ma pepper base is the impetus and opportunity of sichuan jie to further improve the technical level of chilli drying machine. Sichuan jie will, as always, adhere to technological innovation, strict on product quality, improve service levels, more research and development to produce a better high technical content, product quality good, trusted users chili dryers.

Chilli dryers--Lao gan ma pepper base

The technical innovation of sichuan jie energy, the service improvement measures have already begun to pay off. So far this year, the order of sichuan jai hot pepper dryer has been in an endless stream, which makes the company's technical department and production workshop work overtime. Go to clean energy company, each department, each work section, everywhere is busy figure, a school of heat rush the scene of progress. Still, the demand for chilli dryers is far from enough. It's like iron, but now it's starting from scratch. It is necessary to improve the technology of chilli drying machine, and it is also the basis for sichuan jie to open the soil in the field of agricultural products processing. Sichuan jie can further deepen cooperation with the strong brands of agricultural products processing industry to develop and create a harmonious and win-win situation. Through cooperation with the strong in the agricultural products processing industry, the transformation and upgrading of sichuan jie energy will be driven, and the real demand of the users will be found, and the brand value of jie energy that the user needs will be cast. Sichuan jie, the leader of chilli drying machine industry, is a new benchmark for the hot pepper drying and processing industry.


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