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Nanchong city academy of agricultural sciences was founded in 1950, formerly known as sichuan north agricultural test station. After more than half a century of development, it has become a nationally renowned agricultural scientific research institution with strong scientific and technological strength, advanced research conditions, outstanding professional advantages, and remarkable achievements in scientific research. The "seven five" and "eighty-five" have been awarded the outstanding contribution by the state. Since 1987, it has won the title of "advanced scientific research unit" and "outstanding contribution unit" of the municipal science and technology development. In the "15" "eleventh five-year plan" national agricultural research institute scientific research comprehensive ability assessment, all ranks the national top 100 agricultural scientific research institutions and the 10 strong prefectural agricultural research institute.


After many inspection workshops and production equipment, finally bought air energy seed dryer. The academy of agricultural sciences in nanchong has made a deep impression on them. They have made Suggestions and talked about feelings while visiting. We are very satisfied with the integrity of clean energy machine, the mechanical quality, the perfect pursuit of the machine performance and the integrity of the company. After another visit, we set a good foundation for our cooperation.


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