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Large Production Area

13000 square plant, annual sales output value of about 50000000 yuan.

Rich Experience

40 years of integrated service program for developing, designing, producing and selling the dryer.

Patent Innovation

The patent innovation shortens the drying cycle by 17.2%, improves the drying evenness by 23.1%, and saves 33.7% energy.

Environmental Protection

The drying process is environmentally friendly and no pollution, automatic computer operation.

Customized Programs

The product is comprehensive and can provide customized solutions for customers.

Save The Investment

Installment mortgage financial services to save the cost of customer investment.

Knowledge Training

Help the customer to train the knowledge of equipment.

Supporting Services

Provide 10 years of spare parts service.

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Sichuan JieNeng Drying Equipment Co. LTD is a high-tech enterprises focusing on the development of clean energy drying equipment and the design of agricultural products,which is located in the high-tech zone of chengdu.Company grasps "the employees in the pursuit of material and spiritual happiness at the same time, make great contribution to promoting the value of agricultural products and environmental protection" concept...

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